Pyrex: Soft Goods Transport Tote; 2013
As the number of people willing to take home-cooked meals to work and beyond increases, it became apparent to Corelle Brands (the owners of Pyrex) that they did not offer a portable solution for transporting Pyrex containers on their own, as they do for their Bakeware series. 

And with more materials-savvy consumers wanting to stay away from BPA plastics and avoiding heating up food in plastic containers, Corelle was missing out on a growing segment of the health + eco-conscious population. 

Develop a line of soft goods carrying cases that will encourage consumers to make Pyrex Glass Containers the go-to container for On-The-Go eating demographic. The concepts should maintain the Pyrex Brand language and highlight glass as the preferred material for food storage.

I presented to the Corelle business team three concepts; each with different closures, aesthetics and handling methods. Also included was a quick ideation around a microwaveable/cozy option for keeping hands from burning when taking food out after heating.
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