KOHLER Prolific™ Line Extension: 2017
In 2015, KOHLER introduced the Prolific™ Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink. The 33" sink featured beveled tiers and 5 accessories that let you create a customized, multi-use workspace. The tiers support the sink’s accessories; letting you place each one at the height you need + move them as you’re working. The Prolific was awarded both RedDot and iF Design Award that same year.
Included accessories for 33" Prolific 
• CUTTING BOARD: for keeping crumbs + messes contained inside of the sink. 
• COLANDER: for rinsing + holding food items. 
• WASH BIN: for utensils + small items without having to fill the entire sink basin. 
• MULTIPURPOSE GRATED RACKS (2): for drying dishes + for creating an extra elevated workspace inside of the sink.
Based on the success of the 33" sink + included accessories, the Kitchens Team proposed three new size configurations for the Prolific family of sinks:

• 23" Sink (for a kitchen island or as a bar sink) 
• 29" Kitchen Sink (for a smaller kitchen setting)
• 44" Extra Large Sink (for those seeking an ample workstation) 

The intent was to leverage the popularity of workstation sinks (which were once deemed too industrial or only for commercial spaces) and expand the collection to accommodate different kitchen cabinet sizes and satisfy consumer need. We were also intending on reutilizing all of the existing Prolific accessories and make them work with our new sink sizes (to save on tooling costs + time to market).
In collaboration with Kitchens Engineering, I was tasked with the following:
• Ensure that we maintain the integrity of the original design as we explored new size configurations.
• Build foam-core mockups of each proposed sink configuration to true 1:1 representation. 
• Build foam-core faux countertops to compliment each sink to create true context and representation.
• Build plywood faux cabinets to suit each sink mockup to create context and true height representation.
• Evaluate all of the existing accessories for proper fit; and note any problem areas.

After analyzing the existing accessories for proper fit, it became apparent to me that the original 10"x16" cutting board seemed dwarfed in the new broader sink capacity of the 44" Extra Large Single Bowl sink. 

After aligning with project team + my studio manager, I investigated what a larger cutting board could look like if we were to offer it, but I was given the following constraints:
• Needed to be bamboo; leverage our existing suppliers + manufacturers.
• No manufacturing complexity; nothing that required extra tooling.

After a 2 week iterative process of sketching, CAD and mocking up foam-core + bamboo prototypes to test inside of the foam-core sinks, the team approved of my final design: a 21"x16" cutting board that sat flush with a standard 3cm countertop. 
With the new design for the larger cutting board, not only did I solve for spatiality in terms of length + width, but also height; affording it some added benefits that pleased the team: 

• It possessed feet to elevate it so that it now sat flush with a standard countertop (3cm); as the original 10” never did. 
• It was easier to chop on + more ergonomic; keeping knife handle from hitting countertop. 
• It possessed cut-outs on its sides for easy handling. 
• It also had some great heft to it; increasing the perceived value + quality. 
• It suited the 44" as a single cutting board, but if two were used simultaneously, it could serve as a full-on sink cover.
• It suited the 23” Prolific as well; not only as a cutting board, but as a serving tray + full-on sink cover.

Of course, the new design features of the 21"x16" cutting board were all validated upon receiving bamboo samples from our supplier overseas; but not before we received stainless steel sink samples from our plant in Mexico to test upon for proper fit and functionality.

I executed with excellence by meeting our aggressive timeline + delivering results on three additions to the KOHLER Prolific family and a new accessory with enhanced functionality for a more gracious user experience. 

• Debuted at the 01/2017 Kitchen & Bath Show in Orlando, FL. 
• Placement at KOHLER Signature Stores + Ferguson Show Rooms in 2017-18. 
• Amazon.com: 4.5 Star Rating, 100+ Reviews. 
• As of 02/2020: One of the best-selling of stainless steel sink families. [Sales figures not immediately available]. 
KOHLER Prolific Kitchen Sink: Video Reel
See if your sink stacks up. Discover the endless versatility of the Prolific 
stainless steel sink’s multiple levels and included accessories.
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