Nído [nee’-doh]: Cord Keeper:
With so many of our personal devices that require charging or peripherals with loose cables lying around; it's hard to keep those loose cords organized and in one place. Biggest peeve for me was having to lose the ends of cables behind a desk or a nightstand; especially having to stoop down underneath or behind to reclaim them.

There are many "cable holders" and "cord keepers" on the market; some more attractive than others, but almost always they appear a bit too gadgety or predictable. 

I decided to ideate around a table-top home decor accessory that would look unobtrusive when not in use and blend in with the surrounding decor of a room. I was thinking something cozy, whimsical, tactilely inviting and familiar.

Nido means "nest" in Spanish; as in how the cords nest in between each soft pillow and stay in place until needed.
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